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Elmdale IT offer hardware and software inventory with full report stating any advisories.

IT Asset Management is recorded and reported annually.

The report will include information about each piece of equipment, age of the equipment and the condition that it is in. It will also advise on when equipment should preferably be renewed, depending on the policy set with the client.

Software will be reported itemising what is installed on each machine, if licensing information is available we will advise if all licensing is up to date and matches what should be on each PC or server.
Why Securly

For nearly two decades, schools have been using traditional web filtering appliances either on site or at the Local Authority to provide online student safety. Challenges from faster networks, mobile devices, as well as the UK Prevent agenda, now call for the next generation of filtering.

Prevent Compliance

The need to provide age appropriate filtering and reporting, including SSL encrypted sites such as search and social media is now an Ofsted requirement.

More Devices

School IT no longer means an ICT suite with a bunch of desktop machines. Devices such as Chromebooks and iPads are now just as ubiquitous in the learning environment. We handle them all.

Increased bandwidth demand

The trend towards cloud learning hasintroduced increased bandwidth requirements. This has highlighted traditional proxy based appliances as a performance bottleneck which
can impact user experience.

Shrinking Budgets

Elmdale IT appreciates that your budget has to go further. With its high flexibility
and low cost, we think it is ideal for Primary schools that are unable afford a conventional appliance (i.e. Smoothwall). With our 100% cloud approach,
there is no costly hardware to purchase and unlimited technical support is included.

Our unique web filtering approach

Securly is the world’s first 100% cloud-based web-filtering solution
designed from the ground up for today’s schools. We can provide
secure protection for any device, anywhere, and completely
replaces existing on site appliances or
Local Authority filtering:

100% cloud, no hardware, provides 24/7
protection for any device, anywhere
- on site or off site!

Eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks without
slowing your network.

Monitors social media posts and
Google email intelligently for
signs of bullying, suicide risk and self-harm.

Deploy in as little as 5 minutes thus
saving considerable money and time
over hardware alternatives.

User authentication and control
through  Google G Suite for Education.
Easily drill down reporting on both on
site and off site web use.

Unique Parent Portal allows parents to view their child’s web access at school, home, or both.

Prevent: Duty

e-safety is now a part of the Ofsted inspection framework, and from September 2016
this also includes the requirement for schools in England and Wales to comply with the
Government Prevent Duty - part of the 2015 Counter Terrorism and Security Act.
Working with both the Internet Watch Foundation and the UK Home Office, our web
filter meets the standards promoted by the UK Safer Internet Centre for filtering and
Monitoring inappropriate or illegal browsing or searches, even within SSL encrypted
sites such as Google, Wikipedia or Social Media
Works with all devices, even when they leave school or when students bring their
own (BYOD).
Age appropriate filtering policies, with full user identification graphical reporting
and real time alerts.
Real time categorisation of new or unknown websites such as proxy avoidance or
anonymiser tools used to circumvent standard web filters.